Jean-Guy Meunier, artist painter

About the artist

Jean-Guy Meunier practises painting since forty years. His artistic work is actually displayed in several galleries of Quebec province and, since 1979, he regularly presented solo and group exhibitions.

Although his pictorial technique is marked by European realism and impressionism, its style expresses also Canadian and American influences which are noticed in the treatment of the medium, and the subjects choice and organization. Transformed into new, contemporary and modern perceptions, his topics, testify to an urban vision of things and people. His collection " Urban landscape" sees cities as an  silent encounter between man and nature.

Specialized in watercolors,  he is one of the founders of the Société Canadienne de l'Aquarelle (SCA). He practises also the acrylic and oil mediums.

Graduate (Ph.D.) of the University of Montreal, Jean-Guy Meunier maintains also a theoretical research task in the fields of esthetic, philosophical and the formal languages. He published besides several articles and books in these fields.

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